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Wireless Antenna

There are two types of wireless antennas including indoor and outdoor wireless antenna. Indoor wireless antenna is convenient and flexible, but it has low gain and short transmission distance. Outdoor wireless antenna has long transmission distance, so it is suitable for long distance transmission. This type of outdoor antenna can be classified into dish directional antenna and rod omni directional antenna.

1. Access points of wireless antenna can be set up at a longer distance from a power source.
2. With directional and omni directional antennas, indoor and outdoor options, low-loss cables, mounting hardware and other accessories, installers can customize a wireless solution that meets the requirements of even the most challenging applications.
3. Some Wifi antennas, particularly on routers, may be mounted externally while others are embedded inside the device’s hardware.

Wireless antenna works by sending radio signals on specific frequencies so that listening devices can receive them. WIFI antennas are key components of radio communication systems, which are used for receiving incoming signals or radiating outgoing Wi-Fi signals. The necessary radio transmitters and receivers are built into wireless antenna enabled equipment like routers, laptops and phones.

1. All the antennas in wireless devices are limited by distance between signal source and receiving point. If the transmission distance is beyond limit, external antennas are needed to enhance wireless signals and achieve the purpose of extending transmission distance.
2. When planning a network that integrates wireless antennas, varying facility sizes, construction materials, distance between transmission points and physical obstructions must be taken into account.
3. If you are trying to go from one location (for instance your router) to another location, this WIFI antenna is a best choice for you.

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  • WLAN AntennaWLAN antennas are designed for wireless communications. A set of this wireless antenna consists of enclosure, antenna, cable and connector. Raw material of the enclosure is ABS.1. WLAN antennas have features of wide frequency range...