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GPS Internal Antenna

GPS Internal Antenna

A complete set of GPS internal antenna contains a ceramic patch, LNA, interface cable and connector. They are broadly used in equipment with navigation and positioning functions to receive and transmit GPS signals. Compared with external antennas which connect equipment by signal wire, ceramic patch antennas are used by being integrated in equipment.

1. GPS internal antennas of different sizes are offered, from 10 cm × 10 cm to 37 cm × 37 cm.
2. High quality is guaranteed. All antennas are tested before packed and the first pass yield reaches 99%.
3. Advanced technologies are used to make sure that our ceramic patch antennas are with high gain, low loss and strong ability to receive signals.
4. GPS internal antenna is simple and low cost to use.
5. Our products are resistant to corrosion. All have passed 48-hour salt spray test.
6. Jinchang Company has 28 years’ experience in antennas manufacturing.
7. The antennas can be customized according to your equipment.


No. Item Specifications Post Environmental Tolerance
1 Center Frequency(MHz) 1575.42 MHz ± 3 MHz
2 Band Width(MHz) ± 5 MHz ± 1 MHz
3 V.S.W.R(in BW) 1.5︰1
4 Gain(Zenith) 3 dB ± 0.5 dB
5 Polarization RHCP
6 Impedance 50 Ω
No. Item Specifications Post Environmental Tolerance
1 LNA Gain 28 ± 2 dB ± 2.5 dB
2 Noise Figure 1.5 dB
3 Filter Out Band Attenuation 12 dB Min f0 + 50 MHz 16 dB Min f0 - 50 MHz ± 1.0 dB
4 DC Voltage 2.2 V to 5 V
5 DC Current 5 mA to15 mA
6 Cable RF1.13/RG178/RG174 or others
7 Connector IPEX/MMCX or others

1. GPS internal active or passive ceramic patch antenna is sensitive, so it would be better for customer to send us the devices and then we test the antenna with your devices.
2. GPS internal antennas should be uncovered by metal when receiving signals in case signals are interfered.
3. We guarantee replacement within one year if there is any quality problem and offer maintenance for a lifelong time.

Each item is packaged with a plastic bag and a carton (37 cm × 37 cm × 17 cm).

Jinchang is engaged in high frequency antennas manufacturing for 28 years. We provide internal antennas as well as external antennas. Main products include GPS/GLONASS/COMPASS/GSM/CDMA/GPRS/WIFI/DAB-DVB antennas, various combo antennas, connectors and interface cables. Our GPS internal antennas (GPS internal active and passive ceramic patch antenna) are key components of various GPS devices. These antennas are applied to amplify and transmit GPS signals they receive.

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