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Iridium Satellite Antenna

Iridium Satellite Antenna

Iridium satellite mobile communication system is a kind of global satellite mobile communication systems. By using of satellite handset, Iridium satellite mobile communication system can dial out and receive phone signals through satellite. Our Iridium satellite antennas make use of this system and are mainly applied to Iridium communication equipment. A set of iridium low-profile antenna consists of ceramic patch antenna, LNA, cable, connector and housing.

Models of Iridium Antenna
1.Passive antenna JCYX001
2.Active antenna JCYX008
3.Marine antenna JCYX005

Advantages of Iridium Satellite Antenna
1. High gain
2. Low insertion loss
3. High reception capability
4. Water proof
5. Corrosion resistant

1. If there are quality problems of our Iridium satellite antennas within one year, we promise replacement.
2. Lifetime maintenance is offered for our products.

Every Iridium antenna is packaged with a plastic bag and a carton.

Jinchang is an antennas producing company with 28 years’ experience. We manufacture various antennas, such as GPS/GLONASS/COMPASS antenna, celluar antenna, WIFI/WLAN antenna, combination antenna, ISM antenna, Iridium satellite antenna (iridium low-profile antenna), as well as cable assembly (wire and connector). Our company has been in leading edge in antenna industry.

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