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Auto Antenna

Auto antenna, also called car radio antenna, refers to mobile communication antenna that is mounted in vehicle. The most common type is auto magnetic suction antenna. Because magnetic suction antenna is easy to install or set, it is usually applied to replace base station antenna in simple situation. The car antenna is applied to receive and enhance signals. Nowadays, signals are weak in some areas, so vehicles still needs external car radio antenna. External antenna helps a lot in areas where signals are unstable.

Auto antenna utilizes both electrical current and radio waves to give you the best quality of signal for the radio installed in your car. The thin and seemingly powerless metal stick can actually capture the electromagnetic waves thrown around in free space so it can create a small amount of voltage that the radio receiver can intensify. The mixture of electromagnetic waves coupled with electric current brings forth clear radio signals to your car stereo.

1. It may require modification or other adjustment when installing the auto antenna on your vehicle.
2. When planning a car radio antenna network, varying facility sizes, construction materials, distance between transmission points and physical obstructions must be considered.

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