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Portable Antenna

Portable antenna adopts technologies of GPS/INS high precision position and attitude measurement, narrowband satellite beacon identification and multi-axial stable tracking structure. This handy antenna can function properly under various complicated movement conditions. Besides, it can capture and track satellite television signals fast. It has been widely used for communication in war.

1. Portable antenna integrates inertial navigation and signal tracking technology, which is of low cost, high precision and reliability.
2. It achieves real-time tracking and can transmit information when equipment is in movement.
3. Our handy antennas are optimized in design and debugged carefully, so they have better functions of shock, vibration and aging resistance.
4. They are easy to mount and carry. This type of man carried antenna is small in size. 5. It has wide frequency bandwidth.

1. Our multi-band handy antennas are suitable for various communication and data transmission devices.
2. We can offer supporting portable antennas for various wireless devices, like wireless monitoring, navigation, wireless measurement, wireless anti-theft, wireless data transmission and wireless meter reading.
3. We provide customers with customization services on man carried antennas.

Jinchang Company is a professional manufacturer of portable antenna. 28 years’ experience and more than 30 engineers on antenna development guarantee that our products have been leading antenna industry. We produce various kinds of antennas (GPS/GSM/WIFI/FM antennas), cable assemblies and connectors, which are widely used in communication industry.

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