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  • Iridium Satellite AntennaIridium satellite mobile communication system is a kind of global satellite mobile communication systems. By using of...

Satellite Antenna

Satellite antennas are mainly used in iridium communication equipment. A full set of Iridium satellite antenna is composed of ceramic patch antenna, LNA, cable, connector and housing. Jinchang Electron has developed a range of Iridium antennas for maritime, aeronautical, government/defense, public safety, utilities, oil/gas, mining, forestry and transportation applications.

1. Iridium satellite antenna
2. Satellite dish antenna

1. All our products have passed five test sessions and the first pass yield is 99%.
2. This type of antenna is resistant to water and corrosion.
3. Leading-edge technologies assure high gain, low loss and strong reception ability of our Iridium satellite antennas.
4. Jinchang is a professional antenna manufacturer who has 28 years’ experience.

We promise replacement within one year if there is any problems about our products’ quality. Satellite antennas can also be maintained for a lifelong time.

A plastic bag and a carton are used to package each antenna.

Jinchang Company is a professional antenna manufacturer in China, who has already been engaged in antenna producing for 28 years. Its main products include GPS antennas, cellular antennas, Wifi antennas, ISM antennas, Iridium satellite antennas, combination antennas, cable assemblies and RF connectors. 70% of our HF antennas are sold to foreign countries, like Italy, Germany, France, America, Canada and Australia.