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Broadcast Antenna

Broadcast antenna is applied in FM radio launching system. It receive signals output by frequency modulation transmitter and launch them efficiently. FM antennas can be stacked in order to improve their gain. This type of antenna is suitable for professional radio FM broadcasting and field pickup.

1. Broadcast antennas are characterized not only by their outstanding electrical specifications, but also by mechanical parameters.
2. We have implemented all the necessary tests to assure all our FM antennas are up to industry standards. Every single one of our antennas and components are fully tested. The first pass yield reaches up to 99%.
3. Broadcast antenna is optimized in design. Its dimension is small and structure is reasonable.
4. It is carefully debugged, so performance is stable.
5. FM antennas are resistant to vibration, shock and aging.

Jinchang Company is a leading manufacturer of high frequency antennas in mainland China. Main products cover GPS/GLONASS/COMPASS/GSM/WiFi antennas, 4G/3G/2.4G antennas, broadcast antennas, combination antennas, connectors and interface cables. HF antennas are widely applied in equipment with positioning or navigation functions, such as car, marine, exploration equipment, GPS navigation, vending machine, logistic network, bus, monitor and excavator.

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