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Ceramic Antenna

The readable range of ceramic antenna can reach two meters. Since its readable distance is short, this type of antenna is also called short range antenna. It is a kind of industrial products for indoor use, which is mainly applied in bluetooth, GPS and WLAN. Ceramic patch antennas have ceramic package, so they have physical properties of ceramic, such as resistant to interference, lighting, water and dirt.

1. Ceramic antenna is small.
2. Short range antenna is with high gain.
3. It also features good stability.
4. It is simple to mount and easy to use.
5. Signals receiving ability is strong.
6. Precise targeting.
7. Low reflection loss.
8. Our ceramic antenna is resistant to vibration, shock and aging. Its performance characteristics keep unchanged after high-low temperature vibration and impact.

Introduction of Ceramic
Since ceramic is the dielectric material, it has stable dielectric constant, high thermal conductivity, good insulation and high-temperature resistance. All these features make ceramic suitable for producing circuit (line width as small as 50 microns ), so ceramic can be used as component for those devices which needs small size parts, like high frequency power amplifier, high frequency module, ceramic antennas and filters.

Jinchang Electron is a leading manufacturer of HF antennas in mainland China. Main products cover GPS antenna, GSM antenna, WIFI antenna, GPS/GSM combo antenna, GPS/GSM/FM combo antenna, GPS/GSM/WIFI combo antenna and connector and cable assembly. Besides long range antennas, our short range antennas, like ceramic antennas, are widely used in communication industry.

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