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JCA228 GNSS Surveying Antenna GNSS Surveying Antenna

JCA228 GNSS Surveying Antenna GNSS surveying antenna is ready to support GPS, GLONASS and Compass (BeiDou) frequency allocations. This GNSS active antenna features high gain, excellent low elevation gain, circular polarization, stable phase center, etc. This GNSS navigation antenna is well-suited to high-precision surveying and mapping applications in industries like geodesy, road construction, marine surveying, container terminal operations, etc.

Technical Characteristics
1. This GNSS surveying antenna uses multi feed point design to ensure the superposition of phase center and geometrical center which could minimize the influence of measurement error to lowest range.
2. High gain and wide beam radiation patterns of this GNSS active antenna allow strong signal acquisition, even in some seriously-sheltered places.
3. The radome is resistant to impact of high and low temperature, it’s waterproof and UV-proof, ensure the long service life of this GNSS navigation antenna, even in field work.

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